8th Argentine School of Mathematical Biology

From June 24th to 29th of 2018

The School aims to promote interdisciplinary collaboration and aims to generate research groups in biomathematics. The main topic of the School will be mathematical modeling in biology. More specifically, the mathematical aspects in computational biology. One of the main barriers to interdisciplinary work are the different languages ​​and cultures. We hope that researchers from different backgrounds living together for ten days, with a significant number of people who are leaders in biomathematics, will result in an approach between them, allowing the crossing of disciplinary boundaries. Thus, new work teams may arise and the collaboration between them will be promoted. On the other hand, young doctors and PhD students will be able to get excited about pursuing new lines of research through the exhibition of a lot of mathematics of interest in biology, attending classes, interactive workshops and seeing direct contributions from mathematics to biology.

More information: http://www.famaf.unc.edu.ar/~biomat/escuela18/