Statistical Physics and Dynamic Systems

Different techniques from both equilibrium and non equilibrium Statistical Physics (such as Monte Carlo and Molecular Dynamics Simulations, Mean Field Theory, Renormalization Group, Transfer Matrix, Stochastic Differential Equations, Complex Networks, etc.) are devoted to the study of several problems from physics and biology, such as phase transitions and critical phenomena in magnetic and biological systems, magnetization processes in materials, neural networks, complex networks, data bases complexity, community detection in complex networks, transport and characterization of excitations, KPZ equation as a flow gradient, etc..

The main research lines at the present are the following:

  • Thermodynamics and pattern formation in ultrathin magnetic films.
  • Modeling of magnetization processes in materials.
  • Dynamics of magnetic domains over pinning geometries.
  • Phase transitions and critical phenomena in lattice models.
  • Statistical Physics of brain activity patterns.
  • Dynamics and percolation in mithocondrial networks.
  • Synchronization in complex networks: applications to chronobioloby.
  • Multiscale analysis of complex systems and complex networks.
  • Structure and dynamics of colloidal suspensions and gels.
  • Ratchet effect.
  • Dynamics of interphases.
  • Opinion formation modeling.
  • Three bodies problem dynamics.
  • Simulations of wet convection at high Rayleigh numbers.