Soft and Active Matter

Soft and active matter systems like colloidal suspensions, biological model membranes, vesicles, gels and micro-swimmers (artificial and biological), are studied applying methods from statistical physics and fluid dynamics.
Special focus is given to the understanding of the physics of experimental systems in other disciplines, like biology, chemistry, microfluidics and bio-engineering.
Current main lines of research are:

  • Structure, dynamics and rheology of colloidal suspensions
  • Langmuir monolayers
  • Formation and dynamics of dipolar gels
  • Biological micro-swimmers dynamics: human sperm cells, choanoflagellates, soil acteria and artificial nano- and micro-machines
  • Micro-confined biological micro-swimmers: applications to reproductive medicine, evolutionary biology and sustainable agronomy.
  • Micro-devices and microfluidics. Design and optimization of biological rectifiers.
    Bacterial dynamics and transport in porous media