Medical Physics

The IFEG-FaMAF Medical Physics team and the Laboratory of Research and Instrumentation in Physics Applied to Medicine and X-Ray Imaging – LIIFAMIRx, is the research group of Medical Physics and Applied Radiophysics of the Institute of Physics E. Gaviola and the Faculty of Mathematics, Astronomy and Physics of the University of Córdoba, Argentina. Created in 2008, it is a young scientific-academic group in continuous growth. It is a multidisciplinary research team consisting of physicists, chemists, electronic engineers, mathematicians, computer scientists, among others. The research interests and problems addressed cover a wide variety of fields, including:

  • Theory and methods of radiation transport
  • Material development for biomedical applications
  • 3D advanced dosimetry
  • Computational physics
  • Medical image processing
  • Nuclear medicine and internal dosimetry
  • Development of specific instrumentation
  • Software for biomedical applications
  • 2D High precision radiology and high resolution microtomography.
  • Characterization of neutron columns in nuclear reactors and BNCT.
  • Monte Carlo simulation of light particles and heavy ions for radiotherapy applications.
  • Development of innovative radiological therapies and techniques based on nanoparticles.

On this web page: about the team members is provided along with scientific publications, research projects, facilities and services, teaching materials, services to the industry and health system, as well as opportunities for human resources to join the group in collaborations.