Materials Science

In our research group, we develop different investigation lines in basic research, regarding technological materials. For the past few years, our research has been focused on the production and optimization of materials with mechanical and/or magnetic special properties. Our activities are oriented to solving basic problems related to the design of new materials for specific uses and to the development of the synthesis procedures for obtaining these materials.

Our studies have produced interesting results and we have gained some expertise in investigating materials (in general) and nanostructured magnetic materials (in particular). In this regard, we have acquired expertise in producing high-purity alloys, processing materials by chemical and/or electrochemical methods, by mechanical alloying or melt spinning.

The main purpose of our research is to develop synthesis methods for materials with potential technological applications. Besides the production of the different structures, we also perform a complete characterization of their properties and describe -from a Physics basic point of view- the micro-mechanisms that are responsible for the observed properties, as well as their relationship with the microstructure of the systems.

Some of the materials currently under study are:

  • Hard magnets with/without rare earths synthesized by melt spinning.
  • Nanoparticulate magnetic ceramics.
  • Mixed oxides obtained from hydrooxides (hydrotalacites)
  • Magnetic shape memory alloys
  • Materials with giant magnetoresistence
  • Magnetic nanowires and nanotubes
  • Functionalized carbon-based materials
  • Carbon nanostructures modified with magnetic metals for applications in catalysis and energy storage
  • Mesoporous materials such as MCM41, doped with magnetic ions

On the other hand, in our Group we also carry out theoretical studies in subjects such as “Electric transport in nanoscopic and microscopic devices”, “Floquet topological insulators” or Adiabatic pumping and quantum engines through interacting quantum dots”.

Besides the research lines on new materials, our Group is a team with the abilities to solve problems and to assist to our regional metallurgic and mechanical industries.